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Footwork strategy practice practice...lessons, clinics, practice.


Now it's time to put it all together and compete!!!!
              Oh Brother! So Close!  Luke 19 points and Aaron 16 points. Fig Garden winners.
 Level 2 Samuel, John, Christopher and Milaya               Level 1 K'Lanna, Catherine, and Tatum Wanger
                                                                                                                                                                                 There are more photos of Fig Garden winners in the TACC Players Photo Gallery--new and past TACC players and tournament. Great memories found there.                                                                                                                                  MEMBER LOGIN


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 The TACC circuit is open to all players under 18. It's the place to start your competition or polish your game. It's not age group, gender tennis. TACC is based on ability and there are 5 levels, played in a one-day round robin format. USTA and TACC rules apply.

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 Sierra Sport and Racquet Club, Fresno Feb. 24


Entries close February 21!



 Player Profiles - Meet Patrick Huls!

Patrick is one of TACC’s brilliant Tournament Directors.  He guides the junior competition at Fig Garden Swim and Racquet Club in Fresno with an easy-going style and knowledgeable advice. This helps the junior players new to competition feel comfortable, as well as the parents who are getting involved with tennis, some for the first time.  And he should know about competition since he’s been involved with tennis for almost half his life!

 As a 10 year old, he would go out with his dad, a veteran tennis player, on Buchanan’s courts just hitting and having fun.  “My dad gave my brother and me a $20 Target racquet, and it was a perfect way to start”. That’s when the tennis bug bit.

Patrick played junior tournaments, and at Kastner Intermediate and then on to play for the Eagles at Clovis West. He finished high school #2 at CW which was amazing since Billy Griffith (Mr. Valley Unbeatable) played #1.

He moved on to City College, the Stringer, and Sierra Sport and Racquet Club as a teaching pro. Lucky for Fig Garden Swim and Racquet Club (and TACC) he found a home teaching and running superb tournaments; and is still competing. Now his competition is in USTA League Tennis where his team is a regular at Sectionals.

What’s his worst mistake? “Not going to Fresno State to play there. I should have pushed myself into it, instead of taking a safer route at a city college”, he reminisces. But he will end up at Fresno State soon to finish his psychology major—and who in tennis doesn’t need a good psychologist?!

If not tennis what would he be playing? “Probably soccer”.

Patrick says, “My best advice to junior players: make memories. Enjoy the days on court where you will be making lifelong friends, enjoy early morning practice; enjoy always trying to play better. The sights and sounds of tennis always bring fond memories to me, and I plan on keep making more!”

Thanks Patrick for being a TACC Tournament Director!!


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