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The TACC circuit is open to all players under 18 and under. It's the

place to start your competition or polish your game. It's not age group,

gender tennis. TACC is based on ability and there are 5 levels, played

in a one-day round robin format. USTA and TACC rules apply.


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 "What level should I play"?  Check out the 5 Levels of Ability descriptions. 

Being competitive doesn't mean always winning--it means close matches and lots of ties.

That's how you learn to win.  Check out the 5 Levels of Ability.


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 Player Profie -- Meet Elijah Lin


There aren’t too many tennis players that are also triathletes—Elijah is one!  Not only has he started tennis at a young age (3 or 4!) but triathlons as well when he was 5!

Elijah’s mom is a tennis player, so naturally she introduced Elijah to the sport early in his life.  Did he like it? “It was a long time ago”, Elijah says, “but I think I did.” 

Elijah, a Granite Ridge player, is 14 and is heading to high school, in Vacaville, CA.  The success he has had in TACC tournaments will transfer well to tournament play in Northern California. 

He has a calm, easy-going personality but is also a competitive player; Elijah knows what it takes to persevere. His tournament strategy is: “keep opponents deep in the court; hit with spin.  It’s important to hit balanced, it gives you more power; agile footwork gets you to the ball in time to plan your shot”.

Coach Don Grensted has been a major factor in Elijah’s development on the tennis court.  He has worked with Elijah for about 7 years coaching him to have reliable basic strokes and movement around the court.

As I mentioned, Elijah runs triathlons-and wins!! He was 3rd in a national Championship in San Diego. He started as a 5 year old – running, biking, and swimming (400, 1 mile, and 50 meters) graduating to a 2 mile running, 8 miles biking, and 500 meter swimming!!  No wonder he has stamina and knows how to pace himself in tennis.

Not content with all that, Elijah plays the trumpet and is an accomplished pianist-with Chopin etudes among his favorite.

He plays with a Babolat racquet, favorite food is – pizza!

His tennis tips: “if I get frustrated, I take a deep breath and think about the next shot”.

Good luck Elijah!!  We will miss you in TACC. Come back to play anytime.



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