TACC has the best competition for juniors in the valley!  Whether you are starting in tennis competition, or are a veteran of school teams and club tournaments, you'll find TACC can get your game to new levels.

TACC tournaments are the best place for families to share the competitive tennis venue. Because the format is a one-day, round robin, players and their families can get hours of competition, and still have time for family events. TACC tournaments are played at local private clubs and schools--and this year Visalia has joined the TACC supporters!! They will be hosting 2 tournaments this year. 


Focus on Playing Not Outcome

"Focus on playing--not on the outcome"
The most successful players in the modern game today display an open mind, a genuine belief in themselves without limitations, a visible humility, a constant desire to evolve as a person and as a player, and a sincere focus on the process of playing as opposed to the outcome.  These personality traits are learned from their coaches, their role models, and most of all their family.
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Doubles are coming to TACC!!

Double the  Fun

Playing doubles is lots of fun and a great way to play with your friends. If you know a little about playing doubles and want to learn more, check out this video.  It's explains the positions of players and their strategy.

TACC will have a sign-up sheet at the May 16th TACC tournament at Fig Garden.  You may sign up with or without a partner. (We will try to find one for you). Doubles will be played at the conclusion of the second round of singles. Partners may be either gender from Levels  3/4,  or  4/5.

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