Membership Information and Benefits 2019
  • Membership in the Tennis Association of Central California is $30 a year based on the month joined.  It helps to cover the association's insurance for players and spectators, web maintenance and court rental fees.
  • Membership allows you to access certain parts of this website --"for members only":  entry into TACC tournaments, membership directory, and special events or products. It also helps us develop website management and design--a critical factor in future junior tennis growth.

  • Each member will have a unique User Name and Password, which they will create. to access the TACC website
  • The mission of TACC is to promote the growth of junior tennis in the Central  Valley.  By being a member of TACC you have taken a giant step in helping the growth of junior tournaments--which will enable many more players the opportunities of competitive play.

  • Coaches now have a forum for advertising lessons, tennis tips, clinics, and camps.

  • Parents can access suggestions on how to be a better tennis parent.
Thank you for your support!  Together we can have a stronger, bigger, junior tennis circuit and programs in our valley. 
Tennis Association of Central California
The Valley's Best Junior Tennis Competition
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