Tennis Association of Central California - 6Levels of Competition
Player Levels Descriptions
The primary purpose and goal of the 6 levels of ability in tournaments is to help young tennis players and parents have a more fulfilling and productive experience with tennis competition. The intention of this format of match play is that the player are more evenly matched. If a player wins too much or loses too much it hinders their potential development in mental, emotional, and technical skills. Fifty (50) to (80) percent (%) winning or losing is usually about right for most players. This TACC format provides a method of playing by skill level (not by age or gender). The result is more improvement, a more relaxed environment, and more play in less time at a tournament location (2-3 hours of total time).
The categories are generalizations of the 6 levels. Players may actually play above or below the level which best describes their skill level, depending on the individual's ability. The category chosen is not meant to be permanent, and could be adjusted as the player' skills change or as match play demonstrates the need for reclassification from tournament to tournament. 

Level I - Beginner - "Modified Format" 

  • Usually ages 6-10 years old and/or individuals who have limited or no tennis tournament or match play experience.
  • Know how to keep track of the score most of the time. 
  • Call out loud the game score before serving each point.
  • Know the boundaries of the lines for singles play and can call out loud if the ball lands "out".
  • Are able to make 30-50 % of their serves in the appropriate box.
  • Are able to rally 2 or more times over the net in a practice session.
  • Know how to start a match by spinning the racquet and choosing options.

Level II - Advanced Beginner

  • Usually ages 8-13 and/or someone who has had some success in Level I by winning some flights.
  • Has the ability to keep track of the score and call lines on their side of the net by verbally calling out loud or make a physical gesture (i.e. pointing after the ball lands "out"). 
  • Basic understanding of the rules of tennis and tennis etiquette.
  • Able to make 50% or more of their serves in the apppropriate box.
  • Able to rally four (4) or more times over the net in a practice session.

Level III - Intermediate

  • Usually ages 9-16 or someone who has had some success in Level II by winning some flights.
  • May be on or have participated on the middle school or a freshman tennis team at a high school level.
  • May have played in school matches and/or other tournaments.
  • Can volley at the net, execute overheads, lobs, and can change the speed of the ball by design.

 Level IV - Advanced Intermediate

  • Usually ages 10-17 or someone who has had some success in Level III by winning some flights.
  • May play or have participated on a middle school and/or high school tennis team and/or other tournaments.
  • Working on and implementing sometimes spin of the ball and two-shot combination plays in match play.
  • Beginning to direct the flow of the point and developing some strong winning shots, able to concentrate for longer periods of time and winning points of stronger opponents. 

Level V - Advanced

  • Ages 12-18 Who has had success in Level IV by winning some flights.
  • May be on a varsity high school tennis team, have participated in USTA tournaments, may be playing one other sport only besides tennis, and playing and participating on a year round basis.
  • Developing more power, control, spin, strategy, and a strong commitment to the game of tennis.
Level VI Advanced -- Only for High School Varsity players.  A minimum of 4 players is necessary to hold an event. 
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