Junior Tennis Circuit  For All Valley Junior Players

The Tennis Association of Central California was started in 2009 by a knowledgeable group of tennis professionals, parents, and players.  They created a new format of tennis competition open to all of the valley's young players--for all levels of ability.

The TACC format of play creates an outstanding format for player developement.  Once junior players are introduced to tennis through basic instruction--they need continuing opportunities to play in a competitive environment. Most important in learning to compete is a structured, well-organized format that offers flexibility in scheduling, clear and concise rules, ease of entering, and clear attainable goals for each player.

TACC tournaments are affordable, open to all junior players in all levels of ability. There is competition in 6 levels allowing the players to "move up" as they gain experience and confidence.

Mike Jizmejian, a USPTA Tennis Professional, and his wife Jodi, created a junior circuit that features a format used world-wide and is especially adaped to tennis.  

The Round Robin allows for flexibility in scheduling, time management, and on-level competition.  The ease of entering a tournament is the most efficient part of TACC tournament management and membership.  All of TACC membership and tournament entries are done online.

Marian Thomson helped with the creation of TACC in 2009, and after retiring from the USTA NorCal starting working with TACC in the spring of 2013.

TACC is a Member Organization of USTA  

Tennis Association of Central California
The Valley's Best Junior Tennis Competition
5707 E. Balch  |  Fresno, CA 93727  |  (559)284-3815 Phone  | Contact:   Marian@tacctennis.com or Mike@tacctennis.com
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