Tennis Association of Central California - Rules of Play

TACC is a member organization of the USTA Northern California. All USTA rules and regulations apply.
TACC format is Round Robin, singles only. Straight draws may be used in 2015 depending on the draw size.
  1. Check-in at the tournament desk, with the tournament director, fifteen (15) minutes before your starting time. This starts the time clock for the match.
  2. Leave balls on the court after each match.
  3. Record your own score on the clip board or the tournament score board after each match.
  4. No warm-up after you play your first match.
  5. Total games won (not matches) will determine the winners in each flight.
  6. In case of a tie in the total games won in a flight, the player who wins the most matches wins the flight. If the players are still tied, the winner of their head-to-head match wins. If the players are still tied the players will play two (2) out of three (3) games, no-ad scoring, to determine the winner.
  7. The tournament committee reserves the right to move players into a different level because the player entered the incorrect level or because levels had to be combined.
  8. Lateness penalties will be applied after your match starting time.
  • One (1) second to five (5) minutes- loss of the spin and loss of one game
  • Five (5) minutes to ten (10) minutes - loss of two (2) games
  • Ten (10) minutes to fifteen (15) minutes - match default.
Ties - Round Robin ties are common
  • The player who wins the most matches wins the round-robin group. But what if two players are tied with the most match victories? According to the U.S. Tennis Association, the winner of their head-to-head match wins.
  1. Players must be current members of TACC or pay a one-time tournament
  2. fee of $48
  3. There should be no coaching during the match.  If help is needed on court, players should stop playing and ask the tournament desk.
  4. Players must provide their own equipment and transportation.
Tennis Association of Central California
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