Tennis Association of Central California - Round Robin Tennis Format

A Round Robin Format allows that every player in the draw plays every player.  That means they meet a variety of competitors with a variety of skills and styles.  In order to do well, players must analyze the different strokes and styles and develop strategies for their success.
For Parents:
  • Round Robin tournaments are time efficient
  • Meet other parents and junior players
  • Cost effective
  • One day tournaments, for half a day allows family time for the weekend
For Players
  • Meet and compete with new players at the same level of ability
  • Emphasis on playing matches with pressure whether winning or losing
  • Play for half a day and have rest of weekend for other activities
  • 5 Levels of competition
Benefits for Coaches
  • Help parents and players get experience in a competition
  • Helps develop coaching lessons through watching players compete under pressure
  • Strengthens the coach/player relationship--encourages confidence
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