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Fig Garden Swim and Racquet Club, Dec. 8th  2018
Start the New Year off right--with tennis!!!
Next TACC tournament: February 23
Sierra Sport and Racquet Club - entries are OPEN!!!
Just added - Merced College Junior Tournament - March 23
Merced College entries are OPEN!!  Isaac Yarrel Tournament Director
The TACC circuit is open to all players under 18 and under. It's the place to start your competition or polish your
game. It's not age group, gender tennis. TACC is based on ability and there are 6 levels, played in a one-day round
robin format. USTA and TACC rules apply.  Members log-in

What level should I play? Check out the 6 Levels of Ability descriptions.
NEW LEVEL ADDED! Level 6 is only for High School Varsity players.
Being competitive doesn't mean always winning--it means close matches and lots of ties.
That's how you learn to win. Check out the 6 Levels of Ability.

The TACC Photo Gallery invites you to take a walk through the tournament years. Sweet memories. (members only)
Sierra Sport and Racquet Club - November 24
Level 3                                         Level 4                                              Level 2
Level 5
Level 5

All TACC Tournament winners are found in "TACC Photo Gallery". (It's a members only site.)

Do you know the basic tennis rules? Click here to test your knowledge!

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Is your racquet working for you?  Maybe it's time for a new one?!?

Do you play on Saturday with buddies? Club tournament player? TACC Tournament Player?

Junior? Senior? Power hitter?  Softie lobber?

What's the best racquet for you?
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