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Serious Tennis ~~~ Fun Format!!
WOW!  Cash and awards!!!  Level 4 players enjoyed both at Sierra Sport and Racquet Club.
Thanks to Stavro at Mobile Stringers!! Mobile Stringers.com


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 The TACC circuit is open to all players under 18. It's the place to start your competition or polish your game. It's not age group, gender tennis. TACC is based on ability and there are 5 levels, played in a one-day round robin format. USTA and TACC rules apply.

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-December 9th Fig Garden Swim and Racquet Club. Starting times!! Level 1 and 2 9:00 am; Level 3 and 4 11:30 Check in 15 minutes prior to starting time.

Mobile Stringers want to help you with all your tennis racquet stringing needs. 559-287-3009. mobilestringers.com.  48 hour turn around!


Sierra Sport and Racquet Club winners ~ Congratulations!  If you have pictures to share for the website, send them to Marian@tacctennis.com! Thanks! 👍🏻

    Level 1                                                                                       Level 1



Level 2

 All 2017 Level winners to date and starting times: Look under "Tournaments" (it's on the drop down at the top of this page)


 Tell your friends about TACC! It's the best way to improve and polish your game!!

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