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The TACC circuit is open to all players under 18 and under. It's the place to start your competition or polish your game. It's not age group, gender tennis. TACC is based on ability and there are 5 levels, played in a one-day round robin format. USTA and TACC rules apply.

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 "What level do I play"?  Check out the 5 Levels of Ability descriptions. 

Being competitive doesn't mean always winning--it means close matches and lots of ties.

That's how you learn to win.  Check out the 5 Levels of Ability.



The TACC Photo Gallery invites you to take a walk through the tournament years..Sweet memories.
Next TACC tournament - Buchanan High School - April 21, Starting times:


Level 1 and Level 2  8:00 am, check in at 7:45;

Level 3   8:10, check in at 7:55; 

Level 4 and Level 5   8:20 am, check in at 7:55

Immediately notify Don Grensted, Tournament Director 970-5308; or Marian Thomson 284-3815 if you must withdraw. There are no reimbursements after the tournament entries have closed, Wednesday April 18.


Congratulations!!! to the winners Fig Garden Junior Classic



Somethings to think about: 



Hello “Coach Mo!”


Clovis Hi tennis coach comes to TACC all the way from Pittsburgh! She was born into a tennis family and has played all her life.  You know it snows in Pittsburgh so her very innovative dad built an indoor tennis facility- where Maureen and her siblings “cut their teeth” in tennis.

Maureen was learning the “tennis business” from the front desk to the practice courts—and loved it.

She excelled all through her junior years and into college at Duquesne University. (It’s pronounced Dukane.)  Interestingly she was music major and the first athlete going through on a music and tennis scholarships! She persevered and received a Master’s in Classical Percussion.

She left her mark at Duquesne with awards and recognitions: City of Pittsburgh Women in Sports Award for Leadership, MVP senior year, Team Captain and lead her team ably playing singles and especially doubles her favorite.

Maureen’s tennis career is notable in other areas—Manager of the famed Rivera Tennis Club for 15 years.  While there Maureen hosted many famous players and tournaments (think Connors, Agassi, and Evert) including the Women’s All American Tennis Championships that she directed; which featured all the top ten American athletes.

So, playing tennis, managing clubs, directing tournaments—all were in Maureen’s purview and she excelled at them, but she found out her favorite of all –teaching.  Maureen is a member of PTR Professional Tennis Registry which is huge on the East coast.  That brought her to her calling, teaching.

She is now building players and teams at Clovis High School and elementary schools feeding into Clark Intermediate.  These players will form the basis of strong high school teams, which can then lead to college, or teaching, or coaching - there are many more options too. 

Maureen teaches fundamentals that quickly transition to competition using techniques easy to learn and master. All her students know her funny phrases, and don’t forget them, helping them keep their strokes pure. She is reminded constantly by students coming up to her long after they have "graduated", smiling and saying the phrases she taught them years back.

“I may not always be coaching them, but I’ll always be with them”.


 All 2018 Level winners to date and starting times: Look under "Tournaments" (it's on the drop down at the top of this page)


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